Quality and safety food is the goal of our business. We take it very seriously, and we repeatedly examine every aspect of our processes and operations to make sure we are doing everything possible to provide safe, fresh and quality products to our customers and consumers.

All certification of Ayam Kempas Sdn. Bhd.’s processing facilities are JAJ & JAKIM-inspected facilities. Ayam Kempas Sdn Bhd is the first certified Halal chicken process factory since year 2007 by Jabatan Agama Johor (JAJ). Other than Halal Cert, we are certified slaughterhouse with Veterinary Health Mark, as we were qualified through the examination of Quality Assurance Program (QAP) and HACCP system. Each year, we conduct auditing by Jakim, Jaj and VHM department as to audit if our company achieves the requirements of the licenses.

Meat hygiene is a complex field, it concludes with personal hygiene, slaughter and meat processing hygiene, and, hygiene of slaughter and meat processing premises & equipments. For example, climatized rooms with approximately 10°c are used while cutting and deboning is to ensure the meat is remaining in its temperature and freshness.

Food safety training program for our employees is provided. All new employees receive training on quality assurance and hygiene issues when they are hired, and participate in extra job-specific training depending on the employee's role in the production environment.

In summary, the company is committed to continuous improvement to meet their customers’ specifications and exceed their expectations.